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The website has not been registered in Tencent Cloud according to the relevant laws and regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology。
Website record introduction
  • How to file

    You need to go to Tencent Cloud ICP record console, according to the system prompts to fill in the relevant main body information and service information, upload photo and verification and other record materials。After the review is passed, Tencent Cloud will notify you in the form of SMS and email。

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  • Is the website still accessible during the filing period

    First record: the website that has not successfully handled the record can not be accessed online
    Access filing: After Tencent Cloud access filing is successful, website content services can be carried out in Tencent Cloud, and please continue to use other cloud service providers that have been filed before access

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  • Whether the access filing affects the filing of other places

    During the access filing process, it will not affect your website access。Access to the record is only to add one service provider, will not affect your record data in other service providers, you can use the server of two service providers at the same time

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A case has been prepared?

The filing information needs to be associated with the access service provider。If the subject has completed the filing with another access provider to obtain the filing number, it means that your website can engage in website content services within the scope of services provided by the access provider。

If you change the access service provider, such as Tencent Cloud, you need to do the access record in Tencent Cloud。After the successful filing of Tencent Cloud access, it means that you can carry out website content services in Tencent Cloud。